Post date and time : 2020-11-27 11:00:00

Ramp-up of personnel and competence

Burapha is now accelerating the recruitment and training of personnel for the upcoming start of the plywood mill operation. ​​​​

As a part of the Public Private Partnership and Memorandum of Agreement between Burapha and the National University of Laos – Burapha and the ACIAR project have now developed a teaching curriculum for the training and education on Production of Engineered Wood Panels in general and Plywood in specific. This is one of the targets and expected outcomes of the agreement between the two parties. The training of the fourth-year students is co-led by Burapha Supervisor Staff and Lecturers from the University. Materials are also developed for the training and up-skilling of unqualified staff for the Burapha Plywood Mill. We congratulate the class for receiving their certificates in plywood production.

In parallel there is training carried out for future operators of the newly arrived harvesting equipment in the Burapha plantations. This is state-of-the-art equipment from the machine manufacturer Ponsse. The whole harvesting operations is done in close cooperation with Linfox Logistics.

A lot of great efforts and enthusiasm for building the green future of Laos!

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