Post date and time : 2020-06-05 11:00:00

Planting Day opens the record-breaking planting season

In beginning of June, the traditional Planting Day was celebrated. This is a Lao tradition which is important for Burapha. It highlights the beginning of the planting season, which this year is going to be record-breaking.

This year the event took place in Muang Fuang, which is one of the areas where planting will be done this year. Totally a record-breaking 1 100 hectares will be planted in 2020, adding up to a total of 5 300 hectares of plantations. Apart from Muang Fuang, planting will be made in Hin Hoeup, Xanakham and Meun districts.

This is all part of turning degenerated land into productive agro-forestry operation for the benefit of the local communities.

A great number of distinguished guests, Burapha employees, representatives from the local communities and school children attended the event. There was quite some excitement around being part of the forestry future of Laos.




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