Post date and time : 2019-04-10 16:00:00

Martin Forsén is awarded Guldkvisten - the Golden Twig

On March 21 on UN International Forest Day, Föreningen Skogen (The association Skogen ) announced that the “Golden Twig Award” (Guldkvisten) will be awarded to Martin Forsén. He manages Burapha Agro-Forestry which is working with reforestation in Laos.

Martin Forsén received the Golden Twig Award from the hand of H.M. the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf on April 10, 2019 during the Forest Industry Week in Stockholm.

"With his dedication and work, Martin makes an important contribution to, in a sustainable way,  utilize the earth's ability to provide us with renewable resources" said Bengt Ek, Secretary General of Föreningen Skogen. Bengt continues: “He not only contributes to making more and more of the reforested land sustainably as productive as possible, but also to exploiting Lao's slumbering opportunities to become a forest industry nation. Burapha also strives to create seasonal employment for more than a thousand local farmers and, for example, offers opportunities for growing food between the rows of eucalyptus and acacia. Worldwide, forestry can be run with many goals in mind ”.

Burapha Agro-Forestry Co., Ltd, 23 Singha Road, Ban Phonexay, Vientiane, Lao PDR - Tel: +856 21 451 841, Fax: +856 21 451 844