Burapha is the only forest company in Laos with its own industrial operation. Although the industry up to date is relatively small it is of crucial importance since it is being regarded as an operator who do not extract raw material for processing outside Laos, instead Burapha is known as a local Lao company contributing to the local development.


solid woodBurapha Agro-Forestry Co., Ltd is the first and only company in Laos that produces furniture from Eucalyptus. The Burapha sawmill is also the second largest in Laos with an installed capacity of 30,000 m3 of Logs per year. The sawmill consists of two double circular log-edgers, two single circular re-saws and one double circular board edger. The mill was upgraded in 2012 and drying capacity increased by 100% with three new state-of-the art chamber kilns with a capacity of 50 m3 per chamber.

The company has mastered the technique of sawing and drying Eucalyptus successfully through the development of a proprietary control software. In addition to the sawmill Burapha also operates a wood processing unit (glue lam/furniture factory). The main products are roof shingles, flooring, ceiling, 4 side planed boards, glulam products and furniture. The main woods used are Eucalyptus and Plantation Teak.

More than 95% of the revenue is for the export market. The company’s customers are in Asia, Europe and North America. Since the production is not in large scale the industry is flexible and well suited to adapt to specific customer requests.



The significant milestone in Burapha development has been achieved in 2021, when Burapha started the state-of-the-art plywood mill. The mill is capable of producing 55,000+ m3 plywood per annum, and thanks to advanced machinery, effective management and skilled staff, the products coming from the mill are of the highest quality.

Burapha is shipping AS/NZS certified structural plywood to Australia, and high-value premium plywood for furniture industry in Europe, and we strongly believe that our product is the best alternative to Birch plywood on the European market. The big advantage of our panels is their mechanical properties, which are similar to Birch products.

In 2023, Burapha achieved another milestone by obtaining CARB and EPA certification for its plywood products.

The mill supplies plywood, LVL and LVB worldwide, and you are free to contact our Sales team (see CONTACTS) if you wish to discuss this further.


The future purpose of the Eucalyptus plantations is to be able to have Areas large enough to support a midsize pulp mill. The next expansion phase is to establish an additional 11,000 ha and reach 15,000 ha of Eucalyptus plantations. This would be the first step in building a plantation base large enough for supporting a pulp industry. The wood grown in the plantations will, until the pulp mill is in place, be processed in the existing Burapha owned industry and the plywood.

Burapha Agro-Forestry Co., Ltd, 23 Singha Road, Ban Phonexay, Vientiane, Lao PDR - Tel: +856 21 451 841, Fax: +856 21 451 844